The RVers is a new broadcast television series produced by the award-winning producers of “The Aviators“, the world’s most popular aviation TV series.

The nomadic RV lifestyle is more popular now than it’s ever been. From millennials to retirees, the freedom, enrichment, and sheer economics of RVing are among the most compelling reasons for a year-over-year multifold increase. Many of the popular RV organizations boast membership in the hundreds of thousands. The largest has over 2 million! However, the overall size of the RV community in the US alone exceeds 30 million people!

Quenching the thirst of current or soon-to-be RVers, newbies and experienced alike, are the many video bloggers that have surfaced – among them very few standouts. These online stars will be featured as hosts thus immediately engaging several hundred thousand of their subscribers as ready viewers of the show.

Unlike existing reality-style shows, “The RVers” focus is not on false drama but rather good and useful information and a true depiction of the RV lifestyle – all in a dignified, educational, and entertaining way.

Much like the worldwide aviation phenomenon that “The Aviators” has become, “The RVers” will cater to a niche audience 80 times larger than that of aviation and growing at an unprecedented and explosive pace.

For the past decade, FourPoints Television Productions has revolutionized aviation TV. Now we’re dedicated to applying the very same massively successful formula to revolutionize the red hot world of RVing! Join us!


Broadcast Television

The RVers will air on broadcast television in the U.S. on Discovery as well as PBS, across Canada on the Wild Pursuit Network and Bell TV’s CHEK, as well as internationally through Canamedia. The series will also be available digitally on Apple TV (formerly iTunes), Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Microsoft Xbox, and Vudu.


A Proven Record of Top Ranked TV

3 Seasons of The Aviators in the iTunes Top 10[/caption]

Each and every season of our flagship television series “The Aviators” has premiered rising to a Top 5 ranking on iTunes in company with The Daily Show, Mythbusters, and Top Gear.

The Aviators has maintained a position on the iTunes Nonfiction TV charts from its premiere in September of 2010 to the present!

In fact, multiple seasons are often found charted at the same time – including 3 seasons occupying positions on the iTunes Top 10!

The Aviators boasts a weekly US audience of over 9.3 million in almost 3.6 million TV households as reported by Nielsen during the show’s second season. In the United States, The Aviators has aired over 80,000 times on over 86% of PBS stations across the country – numbers equaling PBS’ best network programs and unmatched by other independent productions.

The Aviators also airs in Canada on CHEK on Bell TV and Shaw and is also an incredible international hit already airing in over 100 countries mainly on Discovery Channel with a worldwide audience exceeding 50 million viewers.

We proudly bring the power of this record of tremendous success to The RVers!